The Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) is non-stock, non-profit organization that works for the cause of poverty alleviation through education. KCFI aims to empower Filipino learners and hone them to be their best selves not just for themselves, but for others as well. The Foundation operates the first and only all-educational cable television channel in the Philippines that broadcasts quality educational content to elementary and high schools nationwide. Knowledge Channel’s programming roster uses government- prescribed curriculum, integrated with critical issues and values. As an educative media institution, KCFI harnesses the power of current and emerging technologies to produce rich educational media content across various platforms.
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To be led by the University of Philippines

Educational Foundations is a course that discusses the philosophical, psychological, and sociological frameworks of early childhood education, designed for in-service K-3 teachers from constrained contexts.

To be led by the De La Salle University

The course will allow the learners to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of how young children learn to read, write, and work with number concepts. Best practices and research on literacy, oracy, and numeracy development will be discussed and how these can be translated into contextualized strategies, learning materials, and assessment, responsive to challenges in teaching young children in the learners’ respective contexts.

To be led by the Philippine Normal University

This course aims to immerse the teacher participants to the various kinds of teaching and learning alternatives most useful for students in given circumstances. The participants are expected to design appropriate lessons and flexible learning activities for specific contexts based on their understanding of the learning sciences.

To be led by the University of Santo Tomas

This course is designed to introduce and discover new knowledge in technologies to facilitate and foster meaningful and effective learning. This course will increase education technology competencies in order to transform teachers into master educators ready to connect with learners from diverse context and cultures. This will focus on developing teacher support materials with culture and context-appropriate and available technologies and the production of technology-based student outputs. Integrating technology in various content areas to demonstrate sound understanding of the nature, application, and production of various types of technology. This course challenges students to develop a creative space for developing innovative projects to redefine student learning for the future.

To be led by the Ateneo de Manila University  

This course should demonstrate their learning from all the modules either through a synthesis of the things they have learned or on only one area. Learners can focus on issues regarding education, their profession, or personal growth. The capstone may include academic or action research, school improvement plan, portfolio of better practices, and their own reflection that can be presented in various forms.