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Improve every take. Correct answers are sent to your e-mail so you can study whenever, wherever!

Brush up your general science knowledge! Ace your dream school exam with these assessment modules. Try answering 25 or 100 questions with time limits that suit you best! Answer them repeatedly to perfect it and monitor your progress as the weeks go by.

Avail our ONLINE college entrance exam reviewer in General Science!

Here, you will experience self-paced learning on different disciplines of Science. Time to build your confidence more as the exams are fast approaching.

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Mathematics is a staple for college entrance exams. Grab a pencil and get ready to answer our wide array of math quizzes. Broken into 2 parts, this allows you to maximize your potential in the subject! Don't forget to time yourself! The default is 12 questions for 20 minutes.

 The course comes with 1 lecture covering the highlights of Arithmetics, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

English Module includes a regularly updated lecture on grammar basics, and english exam tips. 

 Practice makes perfect! Module includes an assessment with sample questions for Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Errors, and Analogies.